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MSU Libraries Web Content Standards


About this Document

The guidelines in this document are meant to help increase the quality and consistency of Mississippi State University Libraries’ website content, including the main website, news articles, research guides, images, videos, and social media postings.

While we cannot grant direct edit permissions for most of our websites, we can (and want to) help MSU Libraries faculty and staff take more ownership over, and responsibility for, their web content. We hope this document will help you learn how to write for our websites in a consistent and accessible way.

This document is intended to inform and facilitate the following changes:

  • Web Technologies will check any original or contributed content against these standards before publication.
  • We will disable the Publication Workflow in LibGuides. LibGuides authors will be able to add boxes, publish guides, and archive guides without our intervention, unless it is directly requested. Guides' original authors will have the right / responsibility of the first correction when errors or inconsistencies are found in their web content.

Change Log

These standards are subject to change at any time, as dictated by changes in technologies, industry standards, or MSU's overall standards. Any changes will be listed here.