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MSU Libraries LibAnswers Helpdesk

This guide explains how to use LibAnswers as a helpdesk.

Working on tickets

When you click on a ticket, you claim it. If you don't want it and want it to be available for other agents to claim, you will need to click Unclaim.

Screenshot of ticket metadata

You can avoid claiming a ticket by clicking the Quick Look button (a little eye icon) from a ticket list.

Screenshot of Quick Look function


The ticket's history is right at the top, so you can immediately see everything that has been done. It's even color-coded - the blue is the asker, while the orange is the agent's response. It also displays who the response was emailed to.

On the right side there's a gear icon that hides additional ticket options, to edit the ticket or merge it with another (useful if there are duplicate tickets).

Add or edit tags as you wish, to help you easily find related tickets later.

Screenshot of ticket history and actions


If you know the question has been answered before and is stored in the system as an FAQ, check out the Reuse Answers box. It recommends answers from the system; if none of those apply, you can search for one by keyword, or use its ID number to pull it in.

Screenshot of reusing FAQs to answer questions


If none of the FAQs fit, you can create your own reply.

Screenshot of the reply function of the ticket


Sometimes you need to add a note to self, or to others following the ticket, that the original questioner doesn't need to see. For these situations, use the Internal Note function. These are color-coded black so you can easily tell them from your or the questioner's comments.

Screenshot of internal note posting


To give the ticket away, click the Assign/Transfer tab.

You can transfer to individual users, which you can choose from a dropdown menu of LibAnswers accounts, or to another queue, so that the admin of that queue can assign it to the right agent.

Screenshot of assign/transfer screen


If you have any screenshots or files to add, you can do that here. Files that have already been added will display here as well so that you can download or view them.

Screenshot of file attachment screen


You can CC your response to any registered LibAnswers user using the dropdown menu. Also, as you answer tickets you will build an Address Book of unregistered users, and can select any of those to CC.

Screenshot of CC


By default, Add to Analytics will probably be set to "Do not add to Analytics Dataset". Different departments or groups may set up an Analytics Dataset to further analyze transactions. If your queue admin has not specified otherwise, you can leave this on "Do not add".

Screenshot of Add to Analytics function


Be careful when submitting your changes! Click the up arrow next to the submit button to choose how you want to submit.

  • New: It's still a fresh ticket - no one has responded to the questioner yet (maybe you just assigned the ticket to someone else.)
  • Open: Work is underway, and you or another agent need to follow up.
  • Pending: Work is underway but further progress requires info from the questioner or some other party.
  • Closed: Work is completed and no further interaction is expected.


Screenshot of submission