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MSU Libraries LibAnswers Helpdesk

This guide explains how to use LibAnswers as a helpdesk.

Knowledge base / ticket explorer

You can more deeply explore tickets using the Knowledge Base Explorer. To get there, click the down arrow next to Answers on the orange command bar, then choose Tickets.

Screenshot of path to knowledge base explorer


  • ID: Each ticket gets an unique ID number.
  • Full text: Enter a keyword to search the text of tickets.
  • Source: Find tickets by how they were entered (email, widget, Twitter, etc.)
  • Status: See tickets by their workflow status.
  • Asked from: Enter a date range to see only tickets submitted during that time.
  • Updated between: Enter a date range to see only tickets updated during that time.
  • Owner: See specific agents' assigned tickets.
  • Tag: Search by tags.
  • Urgency: This is a custom field added for testing purposes. If your queues have other custom fields they'll display here.
  • Limit by: You can see tickets submitted on specific days or at specific times, and can also check how long your team's turnaround time is.
  • Name and Email: Find tickets submitted by a specific person.

Click the Filter button to apply your filters.

Screenshot of ticket explorer


Dates and times

Here you can explore ticket statistics broken down by dates and times. You can filter tickets just as you did in the Tickets screen.

Screenshot of Dates & Times screen


Source and form fields

Here you can explore tickets by how you received them; look at custom form fields you've added; and see which tags are most often used. As before, you can narrow your scope with the filter options.

  1. Source Statistics:  For each of your queues, see how many tickets were entered via each method.
  2. This is where your custom form fields appear.
  3. Tags: Here you can see how many tickets are assigned to specific tags.
Screenshot of Source & Form Fields screen


Answerer and turnaround

On this screen you can track stats for individual agents.

  1. Answerer statistics: This will display each agent that has answered at least one ticket, and how many tickets they've answered.
  2. Turnaround statistics: How long it took each agent to respond to and finish a ticket, on average.
Screenshot of Answerer & Turnaround screen



On this screen you can see where users were just before they asked you a question. This can be very useful for pinpointing webpages that need more or clearer information, to preempt the need to ask a question.

Screenshot of the Referrer screen



If you prefer, you can export your statistics to Excel and manipulate and analyze them there.

Screenshot of the Export screen