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VR and PC Gaming Guide

This guide contains our policies and best practices for using the VR and Gaming Studio in the Digital Media Center.


VR, or Virtual Reality, immerses a gamer into a virtual, or alternative, reality. This reality may be ultra-realistic or it may look like a cartoon animation. The VR world dictates the experience. VR creates a realistic 3D image or environment that a gamer perceives as real, and can interact with realistically. This is usually achieved through wearing a VR headset and using controllers. Motion-tracking is another feature of VR and allows your body to move in the virtual world realistically. The gamer can pick things up, throw objects, build things, and manipulate objects in various ways. The experience is a full 360° so the gamer can see in every direction, which a gamer cannot do on a standard monitor.


Image Use: All images were acquired from Adobe Stock under an educational license.