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Scholars Junction: How to Revise a Submission

Need to update your items? This guide will tell you how.


If you've made a mistake on your Scholars Junction submission, or need to update it, read on to learn how!

Scholars Junction

Before you begin

If your submission has already been approved and posted: Contact the Scholarly Communication Team to request updates.

If your submission has been submitted but not yet approved and posted: Follow these steps to revise your submission.

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your Scholars Junction account at

Step 2: Find your submission

You'll be brought to your dashboard. Click on the title of your submission.

Step 3: Revise submission

In the upper left, you should see a "Revise submission" option - click it.

You'll be brought to a screen that looks a lot like the original submission form. Make any needed updates, including uploading revised or additional files, and click Submit.

Scholars Junction administrators will receive an email notification of your revision. If approved, your revised version will be what is published on the site.

Screenshot of submission revision sidebar

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