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Qualtrics is a powerful survey application that allows MSU affiliated users to create surveys, polls, and collect feedback using a variety of question types. This guide provides some introductory resources designed to assist in the use of Qualtrics.

Create a Survey

Here are several basic steps to set up a survey questionnaire:

  1. Click the “Create new project” tab on the Projects page. You can use one of following ways:
    • Build from Scratch: building new questions from scratch or copy questions from an existing survey.
    • Create from Copy: developing a new survey on an existing one.
    • Survey Library: selecting an existing template from the Qualtrics survey library.
    • Create from File: basing off of a previously exported Qualtrics survey file.
  2. Click Get Started and enter your survey name and survey location.
  3. Under Change Question Type, choose the type of questions you want to ask, for example, multiple choice, text entry, matrix, scale, and many more.
  4. Qualtrics automatically saves any changes you make, such as clicking a tab, editing a question, or using other features on a page.

Activate Your Survey

Before you can distribute your questionnaire/poll, you should activate your survey first. To activate, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Distributions tab.
  2. Pick a distribution channel (email, web, social media, mobile, etc.) to start gaterhing your survey responses.
  3. To activate your survey, click Activate your survey. Qualtrics will generates a link you can copy to an email or other media.