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Qualtrics is a powerful survey application that allows MSU affiliated users to create surveys, polls, and collect feedback using a variety of question types. This guide provides some introductory resources designed to assist in the use of Qualtrics.

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Selected Qualtrics FAQs

How can I send automated emails to my respondents and/or myself based on survey completion?

This can be achieved with the Email Trigger or Email Task feature. This will send an email to the participant upon survey completion. To send to the respondent, add Piped Text in the “To” email field. See the linked pages for further instruction.

You can also send an email to the participant if you don’t initially have their email by asking them for it in a survey question and then piping their response to that question into the "To" email field of the Email Trigger.


Does a survey expire? Under what circumstances?

Yes, a survey can expire in one of the following manners:
  • Partial Completion: After someone begins a survey session, they will have 7 days to complete the survey before it closes . You can adjust this setting in the Survey Options in the Survey tab. Once changed, the change only applies to new respondents going forward.
  • Link Expiration: When you send an email distribution or create personal links, your respondents will have 60 days to open the survey link before it expires. After they begin the survey, they will be subject to the Partial Completion rule mentioned above. Once this expiration is set, it can’t be edited.
  • Survey Expiration: You can set this in the Survey Options for a specified date and time. Any respondent that attempts to start the survey after the set expiration date will not be able to enter. However, those respondents who have already started a survey will still be able to access it. You can turn this expiration on or off at any time.
There are multiple methods for exporting your survey, depending on what file type and information you want that export to contain. All options are located toward the bottom of your Tools menu.
  • Export Survey: Use to export a QSF of your survey that contains all formatting and settings but not any response data. This option is usually used to create copies of your survey for storage or sharing. Unlike the other two formats covered here, a QSF can be imported back into Qualtrics.
  • Export Survey to Word: Export a DOCX of your survey that contains all of the questions, logic, and coded values, but not the stylistic formatting.
  • Print Survey: Print a physical copy of your survey or save a PDF.

Can I make a contact list out of information I collected in a survey?

Yes! If you're still setting up your survey and haven't collected (or finished collecting) data yet, go to your Actions and create an XM Directory Task. If you've already collected data, see Importing a Contact List from a Survey.

Can I restore a deleted survey project?

In most cases, no. However, you can contact your IT office and ask them to view your account information and see if your project is still able to be restored.

(Note: The above text was adopted from the Qualtrics web site. For more FAQs, please check the Qualtrics survey support page.)