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Scholars Junction: How to Submit Large Files (or Large Groups of Files)

A guide to submitting large files, or large groups of files, to Scholars Junction via back-end batch import.


Large files (over 2gb each) or large groups of files need to be submitted to Scholars Junction via back-end batch import. You provide the files and descriptive metadata, and we'll handle the import for you!

You can submit smaller files, or small groups of files, via the Scholars Junction web interface - learn how.

Scholars Junction

Step 1: Talk to us

Request a consultation with the Scholarly Communication Team. We can advise on the best way to structure and showcase your submission and answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Find or request a collection

If a suitable collection doesn't already exist in Scholars Junction, we'll create a custom collection for you. We'll then send you a metadata template which you'll fill out with descriptions of your items.

Step 3: Deliver your items

Deliver your items and metadata spreadsheet to us. For most collections, Filelocker works well as a delivery mechanism. For very large collections, you can bring an external hard drive containing the items.

Step 4: Wait for ingest

We will upload the items. This can be a long process and involve some trial and error - expect a turnaround of at least 1 to 2 weeks.

We'll let you know when your submission is complete and send you a link to it.

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