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National Poetry Month 2023

This guide will provide information on poetry and events for National Poetry Month

1st Place - Crucifixion on the Atlantic by Daniel Adejombo

Daniel Adejombo, 1st place winner 4th Undergrad Poetry Contest 2023


Daniel Adejombo is from Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Adejombo is a junior, double majoring in Economics and Philosophy with the hopes of making it into law school when he graduates.  His non- academic interests are mostly musical; he enjoy playing guitar and piano, and listening to jazz, blues, rock, reggae, soul, neo-classical compositions, and of course Nigerian popular music.

2nd Place - Motherland by Haylee Mormon

Haylee Mormon, 2nd Place Winner for the Undergrad Poetry Contest 2023


Haylee Morman is a sophomore English major from Richmond, Kentucky. She is also pursuing a minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and is one recipient of Mississippi State University's Presidential scholarships. While her publishing history is not extensive, she aspires to have an illustrious one soon enough.

3rd Place - Sweet Potatoes by Santo Starkey

Santos Starkey is a senior psychology major at Mississippi State University from California, by way of Meridian, Mississippi. Starkey found his love for writing through the influence of his Mother's collection of books and his family's encouragement to be creative as an adolescent. He enjoys reading, taking nature adventures, and listening to and studying music in his free time. 

3rd Place Poetry Contest Winner - Santos Starkey