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National Poetry Month 2023

This guide will provide information on poetry and events for National Poetry Month

2021 Undergraduate Poetry Contest Winners

1st place: Katie Norris - Criminology Major

Katie Norris, Poetry Contest 1st place


Katie Norris is an MSU junior who loves to express herself through creativity and writing. Ms. Norris has always loved reading and writing, ever since she was a child, and now uses this passion to learn about the world around her and as well as learning how to craft words into something that can be felt universally by others. Ms. Norris believes stories can be conveyed in any artistic medium, and stories are a fundamental part of being human. Telling our story has always been a part of our history, and she hopes to one day be capable of expressing the human experience through her creative work.



2nd place: Philippe Schicker, Mechanical Engineering Major

Philippe Schicker, Poetry Contest 2nd place


Philippe Schicker, an international student from Germany and recent community college transfer, is a senior mechanical engineering major. After graduation, he plans on continuing his education at Carnegie Mellon University. At MSU, Mr. Schicker is involved in various student organizations such as Foundation Ambassadors, Maroon VIP, and the Student Association. Additionally, he conducts undergraduate research with his first publication set for mid-June. Outside of school, Mr. Schicker works tirelessly to destigmatize youth mental health as a coauthor with Letters to Strangers and fights for climate justice in Mississippi through advocacy with the Climate Reality Project. Mr. Schicker is passionate about working at the intersection of engineering and environmental policy focused on renewable energy systems. He is deeply interested in creating and analyzing national and global renewable energy policy to combat climate change and sustain environmental justice.


3rd place: Baylee Seeman, English Major

Baylee Seeman, Poetry Contest Winner 3rd place


Ms. Seeman is from Jonesboro, Arkansas and is a senior English major with a minor in Pre-Law. She is a member of the Mississippi State Speech and Debate Council, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, Demmer Scholar's Program, and Pre-Law Society. She will graduate in December 2021 and plans to attend law school in August of 2022. 

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