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Mississippi Land and Literature at Cotesworth Culture and Heritage Center

The Mississippi Land & Literature Series is a programming partnership among Mississippi State University Libraries, Mississippi State University Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine, and Cotesworth Culture and Heritage Center.

Cotesworth Culture and Heritage Center


Mississippi's contributions to American and world culture and heritage are extraordinary. Cotesworth presents a rare opportunity to establish a facility that fosters and showcases the broad scope of the state's culture and heritage, beginning with our agrarian society. Cotesworth was the home of J.Z. George, who served as a United States Senator from 1881 until his death in 1897. He supported federal legislation that had a lasting impact on American society, such as the establishment of the Department of Agriculture and land grant colleges. His statute in the United States Capitol represents the significance of his contributions. The Cotesworth Culture and Heritage Center will serve as a center for education and interpretation of agri-tourism, culinary heritage, the performing arts, visual arts, and writer's conferences and retreats. Due to its geographical location, it will also serve as a link between two recently-designated National Heritage Areas, the Mississippi Hills and the Mississippi Delta. The vision for Cotesworth provides Mississippi with an asset that will bring economic benefit to the region and to the people of Mississippi.

Location: 6337 MS Highway 17, North Carrollton, Mississippi 38917

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Cotesworth Cultural and Heritage Center