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Scholars Junction: Mississippi State University's Institutional Repository

A guide to the Institutional Repository, including how to deposit your work.

Screenshots with instructions



Be sure to enter the correct title.


MSU employees are searchable in the search box.

You can also add authors from outside MSU by clicking the green+

You can also delete or edit each author


Choose the document type from the drop down menu:

Enter the abstract. HTML tags are acceptable.


If you work has already been published elsewhere, please include as much information as possible.


Please include original publication date. If the work has not been published elsewhere, please include the date of creation.


We allow embargos of up to 3 years for theses and dissertations.

Other items in Scholars Junction should not include an embargo.






Please include any information a user needs to know about how to open any of your files.





Choose as many disciplines as are appropriate.

Use the recommended citation if your discipline has a specific preferred citation format.







Upload your files ...







Check this box if you have more than 1 file.

After you submit, you will get a new screen to upload additional files.

On the supplemental screen you will have the opportunity order your files and either show or hide each file.


The last page give you the option to revise or make another submission.








You will see a list of all the metadata you included with your submission.