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Fashion Design and Merchandising

Tools and resources to help users gain an understanding of the fashion design, merchandising, textile industries, apparel design, consumer behavior, product knowledge, and business principles.

Library Databases

For best results when accessing library resources when off-campus, you should first log into the MSU Virtual Private Network (VPN), which ITS provides.

Federal Government Data Sources

Market Overviews

Mississippi Market Research


Trade Policies and Regulations

Other Resources for Market Research

There are many other sources for market research information. Here are a couple of other tips:

  • Trade associations (such as those listed in this guide) often provide market statistics and other resources. Sometimes there's a fee, but they often provide some information for free.
  • The websites of key players in the industry can be useful. Here you can often find annual reports and other documents that discuss not only the specific company but their industry as a whole.
  • See the library's "Industry, Company & Market Analysis Research Guide" for more information!