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Vet Clinics of North America Cheat Sheet


CVM Library’s Vet Clinics Holdings


There are four modern series of VCNA: Small Animal Practice (referred to as the "original series" before 1979), Food Animal Practice (called Large Animal Practice before 1985), Exotic Animal Practice, and Equine Practice.  Here is what we have for each series:


  • "Original series": 1971-1978 in print, no online access
  • Small Animal Practice : 1979-2011 in print, 2000-present online
  • Large Animal Practice : 1980-1984 in print, no online access
  • Food Animal Practice : 1985-2011 in print, 2002-present online
  • Exotic Animal Practice : 2002-2005 in print, 2002-present online
  • Equine Practice: 1985-2011 in print, 2002-present online


 Print copies of the Vet Clinics of North America can be browsed in the library, checked out for two hours at a time, or copied/scanned on our copy machine.


 How to Use the Online Versions of VCNA


 Browse by series

This would be like standing in front of the whole series of Vet Clinics on the shelf and browsing through the books in the series. 


  1. Find the links to the online series on our E-Journal List 
  2. Click on the Science Direct link below the series title to go to a list of the entire online access for that series. 
  3. If you click on the plus sign by each volume, the title of each book will display itself.  Click on the chapter title to access a pdf copy.


 Browse a book on a specific topic


The Vet Clinics of North America are listed in the library catalog by the title of the individual book, so if you know what broad topic you're looking for, you can try this method.  This is a good way to look at an entire book in the series--and since the articles are grouped thematically into books, that might be useful to you to browse through.


  1. Go to the online catalog
  2. Type in your search term(s) in the Words or Phrase box,
  3. Type "Veterinary Clinics of North America" into the Series box,
  4. Click Search
  5. You should see a list of results--the titles of the books only--in the Vet Clinics series that have something to do with your search term(s).  Anything with "[electronic resource]" after the title is online--click the maroon-and-blue FIND IT button to access a list of pdf chapters. 


 Search directly for an article


Another method is to search at the article level using Scopus.  This is how you could find a specific article within any volume (if you have a specific citation), or a list of specific articles across the entirety of all of the Vet Clinics series on a certain topic. 


  1. Go to the Database Portal, click on the "S" to jump down in the alphabet, and click on Scopus. 
  2. In the first search box, type in "veterinary clinics of north america", and set the pull-down menu to Source Title. 
  3. In the second box (if it's not there, click Add a Search Field), type in your search term(s) and make sure the pull-down menu shows Article Title, Abstract, Keywords. 
  4. Click Search
  5. It should return a list of articles (not book titles like the search in the library catalog) in the Vet Clinics series that have something to do with your search terms.  Click on the maroon-and-blue FIND IT button to access the pdf or html version with color pictures.