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College of Veterinary Medicine Research Guide

A research guide for CVM teaching, learning, research, and projects, brought to you by your CVM Library!

Welcome to the CPC Research Guide

On this page, you'll find ideas to help you with your CPC paper and presentation.  Also see the Veterinary Research Strategies pages for cheat sheets and instructions on how to use our resources. If you're away from Starkville, check out the CVM Distance Users page for hints on how to get access to journal articles and books.

Getting Started on CPC Research

Here's where to find different types of information that are essential for a successful CPC paper

  • Search the databases for journal articles, conference proceedings, and professional magazines to find:
    • Results of recent experimental or exploratory research
    • Case studies
    • Explanation of controversies or debates
    • Focused information and news on specific pathologies
  • Search Veterinary Clinics of North America (see cheat sheet)
    • Up-to-date information on diagnoses, techniques and therapy
    • Articles (chapters) grouped on a focused theme within a book
  • Search the Online Catalog for Books
    • Broad, background supporting information
    • Diagrams, charts, anatomical drawings
    • Review specific pathologies, techniques
    • Useful for researching unfamiliar situations and species
    • Drug info and other reference

MSU Library eBooks for CPC's

More Resources for CPC's

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    Recommended Databases for CPC's

    Listed below are databases that you may find useful for veterinary medicine research. For a complete listing of all of MSU Libraries' online indexes and databases, click here.

    If the MSU Libraries does not provide access to a journal article or other item that you need, you may order it through Interlibrary Loan.

    See the Veterinary Research Strategies page for more comprehensive information and tips.

    Publishing & Presenting

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