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How to Find Architectural Plans in Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals


The directions below will help you find architectural plans.  The directions may also be used for elevations, sections, diagrams, drawings, maps, etc.  Just use the 'Physical Description' box.


1. Find the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals in the libraries' database list

picture of database list for architecture

2. Go to ‘Advanced Search’

screenshot of advanced search

3. Type building name in search box

screenshot search box

4. Select ‘Plans’ from ‘Physical Description’ drop down box

screenshot physical description in Avery

5. Hit ‘Search’ button

6. Pick an article from result list and hit the ‘Check for Full Text’ button

screenshot of result list

7. If no full text, Check the ISSN to see if we have it in print.

screenshot of no full text

8. If library has the journal in print, check the holdings record with the citation information to see if we have it in print.

screen shot of holdings

9. If the holdings state we have the print article, write down article citation information (vol, issue, page numbers).

10. Locate the journal alphabetically by title, then use the citation information to locate the article with the plans/ blueprint for the building

picture of found architectural plans