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Sustainable Bioproducts Research Guide

This guide provides links to resources and services related to the study of Sustainable Bioproducts and related research areas.

Find Books

Books often provide a more systematic overview of a research topic than is usually found in articles.

Circulating Books in Mitchell Memorial Library

The books that you can check out are called circulating books. These books are grouped together in subject areas, and each book is assigned a unique call number that starts with letters and is followed by a combination of letters and numbers.

  • To find books in your research area, search the online catalog.
  • Write down the call number of the book and also note if it is a circulating book and which library it is in.
    • Most books will be in Mitchell Memorial Library.
    • If you see a book that you need from another library, click on Place Hold and enter the required information. We can then get it from the other library for you.
    • Books in "Special Collections" can only be used in the library.
  • Once you find one book on your topic, be sure to scan the shelves for other books that may be useful.

Here is a general outline of some relevant call numbers for Sustainable Bioproducts.

Third Floor of Mitchell Library

QA: Mathematics
QD: Chemistry
QH: Biology (General)
QK: Botany
QR: Microbiology
SB: Plant Culture
SD: Forestry

Fourth Floor of Mitchell Library

TA: Civil Engineering (General)
TD: Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering
TG: Bridge Engineering
TH: Building Construction
TP: Chemical Technology
TS: Manufactures

TS155-194: Production Management, Operations Management
TS800-937: Wood Technology
TS1080-1268: Paper Manufacture and Trade

TT: Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts

TT180-200: Woodworking, Furniture Making, Upholstering
TT300-382: Painting, Wood Finishing
TT387-410: Soft Home Furnishings


Circulating Books on 3rd Floor