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Survival Skills for Graduate Students (SSFGS)

This guide provides resources related to the Survival Skills for Graduate Students workshops, including supplemental material and podcasts.

Survival Skills for Graduate Students Online Workshops

The Survival Skills for Graduate Students workshop series is offered every fall and spring semester by the Graduate Student Services Department of the Mississippi State University Libraries.  Most workshops are now offered online. This page provides access to handouts used during the workshops.  Sight and hearing impaired users who need alternative access to recordings or handouts should contact the Dr. Deborah Lee.

Demystifying the Dissertation Process

This workshop provides strategies for starting and finishing a dissertation or thesis.  (Files updated January 2021)

Developing a Literature Review

This workshop provides strategies and techniques for researching and organizing a literature review. (Files updated January 2021)

Publishing 101: Navigating the Academic Publishing Process

This workshop provides an introduction to the academic publishing process.  Topics covered include submission strategies, managing the relationship with editors and reviewers, and publishing best practices. (Files updated January 2021)

Crafting the Winning Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Within higher education, the curriculum vitae is the tool most often used during the job search process and throughout the academic career.  This session will discuss strategies for developing a professional curriculum vitae. (Files updated February 2021.)

Research Ethics & the Graduate Student

This workshop discusses aspects of the responsible conduct of research and the MSU Honor Code.

Job Hunting in Academe: Landing on the Tenure Track

The job hunting process in academia can be confusing. This session will discuss the application process for a tenure track position in higher education.  Topics include the application packet and preparation for the on-site visit.

Avoiding Plagiarism: Tips and Strategies for Graduate Students

This workshop will define and discuss plagiarism. The session will include strategies and research best practices for avoiding plagiarism in your scholarly writing. (Files updated September 2017)

Before You Sign: Understanding Your Rights as an Author

What rights do you have as an author? Can you post your research online for others to read? This workshop will address common concepts and issues related to author's contracts.

Writing the Research Statement

This workshop will provide strategies and templates for crafting the research statement as part of an application packet for an academic position.

Writing the Teaching Statement

This workshop will provide strategies for crafting the teaching philosophy statement as part of an application packet for an academic position.

Grants for Grads: Searching for Grant Dollars

Co-sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development.  This workshop focuses on searching for funding opportunities for research and scholarly activities.

Money 101 for Grad Students: Managing Your Money and Your Debt

Learn successful strategies for managing your budget and long term debt.