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Scholars Junction: Mississippi State University's Institutional Repository

A guide to the Institutional Repository, including how to deposit your work.

Deposit Your Thesis or Dissertation

Any MSU student or alumnus can deposit their MSU graduate thesis or dissertation in Scholars Junction.

Beginning in Summer 2019, graduating students are required to deposit their completed thesis or dissertation into Scholars Junction. MSU Libraries is currently migrating older theses and dissertations into Scholars Junction for long-term storage.

There are two ways to deposit your thesis or dissertation, depending on whether you have graduated or not.

Graduating students

  1. Register an account at Scholars Junction. Only registered users with an email address will be able to submit items.
  2. Log in to your account and navigate to the Theses and Dissertations collection. To begin your submission, click Submit an item to this collection.
  3. You will be asked to provide the following information. Some fields allow you to add multiple values; click Add to enter a value and display a new field to add more. When complete, click the Next button at the bottom of the page, or click Save & Exit if you need to complete your submission later.
    Items marked with * are required; items marked with + allow multiple entries.
    1. Author (your name) *
    2. Date of birth *
    3. College *+
      1. Use your college's full title - no abbreviations. Examples: College of Arts and Sciences; James Worth Bagley College of Engineering
    4. Department or School *+
      1. Use your department's full title - no abbreviations. Examples: Department of English; School of Human Sciences
    5. Degree *+
      1. Examples: Bachelor of Science; Master of Arts; Doctor of Philosophy
    6. Major *+
      1. Examples: Applied Anthropology; Chemical Engineering; Kinesiology
    7. Graduation Date *
    8. Document Type *
      1. Either Graduate Thesis or Dissertation
    9. Title *
    10. Defense Date *
    11. Abstract *
    12. Subject Keywords *
      1. Enter only one keyword at a time, clicking Add after each one to enter that keyword and create another field. Multiple words in a single field, no matter how they are separated, will be treated as a single subject phrase.
    13. Advisor *+
      1. Your thesis advisor or major professor. Add multiples by entering one and clicking Add.
    14. Committee Members *
      1. Add all of your committee members.
    15. Sponsors
      1. If your research was sponsored by a person or organization, enter that information here.
    16. Embargo information
      1. If you wish to embargo your thesis or dissertation (i.e., restrict it from view for specific audiences), check the Yes box, then choose an embargo option. You can keep it visible only to logged-in MSU-affiliated users for 1, 2, or 3 years, or to no one for 1 year. Your item record will still be visible, but depending on which embargo you choose, users will not be able to download and view your thesis file.
  4. Click Next to upload your file or files. If you have multiple files, click Upload file & add another. When all files have been uploaded, click Next.
  5. Review your submission; if anything needs changing, click Correct one of these to fix it. When complete, click Next.
  6. Check I Grant the License to agree to Scholars Junction's distribution license. You retain all rights to you work, granting MSU Libraries the right to distribute and preserve your file. Then click Complete submission.

The Office of Thesis and Dissertation Format Review will review your submission, edit its metadata if necessary, test the file to ensure it works correctly, and approve or disapprove your submission. If approved, you will receive an email with a link to your item record.


If you have already graduated and submitted an approved/signed electronic thesis or dissertation, then your work may already have been migrated into Scholars Junction, or is in the queue to be migrated. You need take no action.

If you graduated before MSU adopted electronic theses and dissertations, it may be possible to digitize your printed work. Contact Jenifer Ishee, Coordinator of the Digital Preservation and Access Unit, to request digitization and deposit of your thesis or dissertation.