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Administrative Law PPA 8743 Fall 2019

Course-related guide for Dr. Christine Rush's graduate level PPA 8743 core class.

Citing APA Style

A copy of the APA Guide 6th Edition can be found at the Research Services Desk, 2nd floor.


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Rules and Special Interest Groups

NGO's, Accords, And International Standards

Its big news when the United States signs or chooses not to sign onto a UN convention or international accord. Such agreements can affect national laws and their regulations. NGOs, nongovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations, are not governments of sovereign nations, but they can make treaties, resolutions, sanctions, and international laws and regulations that are agreed on and followed by member nations.

Below are examples of NGO rulings that can affect a member nation:

There are international standards that can be adopted anywhere from the federal down to the local level, and their adoption may be mandated by law or rules, or may be purely voluntary. Such standards usually are in line with relevant regulations in the US but likely offer even better practices and proscriptions that improve upon existing US rules. 

One example is Mississippi State University's voluntary adoption of The World Wide Web Consortium's guidelines for accessible web sites. All web sites for MSU affiliates must now meet these guidelines according to University rules.