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Research Guides

English Composition Guide

A supplement to library instruction sessions for EN 1113 (English Composition II), EN 1113H (Honors English Composition II), and EN 1173 (Accelerated Composition II).

Library Locations

The following provides information about the locations of some of the more common locations of print materials in Mitchell Memorial Library. For additional information, see our Floor Plans page.

1st Floor: Bound Journals
2nd Floor:

Research Services (Undergraduate Research Center, Reference, Current Journals; Newspapers; Government Documents), Microforms

3rd Floor:

Circulating Collection (Call Numbers: A-S)

Special Collections

4th Floor:

Circulating Collection (Call Numbers: T-Z); Juvenile Collection, State Adopted Textbooks

Grant Presidential Library; Congressional & Political Research Center


Popular Research Topics

Undergraduate Research Center

The Undergraduate Research Center in the Research Services Department contains resources that may be useful for your papers and speeches. These resources cannot be checked out, but you can photocopy the information you need.

Some of the topical pro/con series in this area are: At Issue; CQ Researcher; Current Controversies; and Opposing Viewpoints. You can search for these items in the online catalog by limiting the location to Reference--Undergraduate Research Center (Low Shelves).

Just ask one of the librarians or library student assistants on duty for help with any of these resources - we'll be glad to help!

Find and Check Out a Book!

Find Books Using the Online Catalog

Finding Books Tutorial

Gale's Literary Criticism Series

Gale's Literary Index is an online index to Gale's print literature criticism series (Contemporary Literary Criticism, Drama Criticism, etc.). These series are located in the Undergraduate Research Center (low shelves) in the Reference Department on the 2nd Floor of Mitchell Memorial Library. You may take notes or photocopy pertinent pages from Reference materials, but they cannot be checked out of the building. To use Gale's Literary Index, click the link below and search by author or title.

Here is an example of search results from Gale's Literary Index for The Optimist's Daughter. It lists which Gale series have entries on this work along with the volume numbers in bold typeface and page numbers in regular typeface:

Contemporary Literary Criticism, volume(s) 2:463-64; 5:479; 14:564; 22:462; 33:415-16, 424; 105:300, 308, 312, 322, 325, 335, 349-51, 353, 359-64, 367-70, 382-83, 390; 220:188-367

Short Story Criticism, volume(s) 51: 318

Gale sources provide excerpts as well as the full text of critical essays, and notes this at the start of each entry (it will say "this essay" or "this excerpt" in the introduction). If at all possible use essays that have been reprinted in full rather than just excerpts.