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English Composition Guide

A supplement to library instruction sessions for EN 1113 (English Composition II), EN 1113H (Honors English Composition II), and EN 1173 (Accelerated Composition II).

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Library Locations

The following provides information about the locations of some of the more common locations of print materials in Mitchell Memorial Library. For additional information, see our Floor Plans page.

1st Floor: Bound Journals
2nd Floor:

Research, Information, & Outreach; Wayne & Jo Durst Script Collection; New Books; MaxxSouth Broadband Digital Media Center

3rd Floor:

Circulating Collection (Call Numbers: A-S)

Special Collections

4th Floor:

Circulating Collection (Call Numbers: T-Z); Juvenile Collection, State Adopted Textbooks

Grant Presidential Library; Mississippi Political Collections


Find and Check Out a Book!

Serendipitous Browsing for Library Resources


"Woman browses books in an unknown library" by Nathan Williams/ CC BY SRR 2.0

Serendipitous Browsing leads to great finds in the library! You can do this without a computer, just take your self to the circulating collection and look to see what you can find! Use the Library of Congress (LOC) Call Numbers given below to search the circulating collection.


Library of Congress Classification System Outline