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Political Science and Public Administration (PSPA)

Guide to resources for the Political Science and Public Administration Department

John C. Stennis Institute of Government

"Although often referred to as Mississippi's think tank, the John C. Stennis Institute of Government is much more. If the legislature needs a definitive study on the effects of a change in state law, a municipal government desires a salary survey, or an association of government officials requests training on the latest legal issues, the Institute responds with its wide variety of resources.

The Institute is often called on to provide technical assistance and consultation to local governments and community leaders regarding economic and community development matters. Foundations look to Stennis for quality research and study of public policy issues. And the Institute has on staff trained facilitators who can lead community groups through discursive discourse on topics ranging from of local issues of genuine public conflict, to land use planning initiatives, to community capacity building, to more ethereal discussions about confidence in government, electing or appointing judges, amendments in ethics legislation and the like.

Based at Mississippi's land grant university, the Institute also focuses on students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who seek careers in public service."

Mississippi Political Collections

The Mississippi Political Collections (formerly the Congressional and Political Research Center) of Mississippi State University was founded on November 12, 1999, and is anchored by the collections of University alumnus U. S. Senator John C. Stennis, who served from 1947-1989, and U. S. Congressman G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery, who served from 1967-1997. These premier collections are the largest of the Center's holdings.

The Collections are located on the fourth floor of Mitchell Memorial Library, in the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library.

The purpose of the Collections is to provide access to holdings of U. S. Congressional collections, papers of Mississippi legislators and other state offices, and local materials of various kinds. These materials were donated by the individuals whose public service careers they reflect. Oral histories, extensive photograph collections and memorabilia enhance the collections. Finding aids and digitized samples of the collections are available on the website. The materials cannot be checked out, but qualified researchers may use them on site.

Morris W. H. (Bill) Collins Speaker Series

The Morris W. H. (Bill) Collins Speaker Series brings leading figures of the day to the Mississippi State University campus to engage in close and personal discussions about their lives and careers.  Each meeting takes place at the Mitchell Memorial Library in The Grisham Room between the hours of 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM on the dates of the event.


Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership

The John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership was established by Congress as a living tribute to the public service career of John C. Stennis who served in the United States Senate over 41 years. The center was created by Public Law 100-458, October 1, 1988, and is codified in the United States Code under Title 2-The Congress, Chapter 22. The Stennis Center develops and delivers a portfolio of unique programs for young people, leaders in local, state and federal government and congressional staff. These programs promote public service as a noble calling, enhance leadership skills and foster relationships among leaders with similar concerns.

The Stennis Center's congressional mandate is to attract young people to careers in public service, to provide training for leaders in or likely to be in public service, and to offer training and development opportunities for senior congressional staff, Members of Congress, and other public service leaders. Products of the Stennis Center include conferences, seminars, special projects, and leadership development programs.

Stennis Montgomery Association

Named after the great MSU alumni, Senator John C. Stennis and Congressman G.V. Sonny Montgomery, the Stennis-Montgomery Association (SMA) allows students of all backgrounds and academic disciplines to become active on the political scene. Each year the most dedicated members of the organization visit Washington D.C. , to meet and network with MSU alumni and other prominent political figures.

The Stennis-Montgomery Assiciation is a non-partisan student organization which is heavily involved on the Mississippi State Campus. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for students to learn more about the role of politics in Mississippi . Ultimately, the Stennis-Montgomery Association will allow Mississippi State University’s influence in the arena of political decision-making to become as prominent as the other great successes of the “People’s University.”