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Mechanical Engineering

Selected Article Databases

Listed below are databases that you may find useful for your research. For a complete listing of all of MSU Libraries' online databases, click here.
If the MSU Libraries does not provide access to a journal article or other item that you need, you may order it via
Interlibrary Loan.

Search Tips

Search Connectors 

  • AND: narrows the search by finding records with both terms
  • OR: broadens the search by finding records with either term
  • NOT: narrows the search by finding records with 1st term but not 2nd


  • Using the asterisk (*) to stand in for all word endings

e.g. compute*  for compute, computer, computingetc.

Searching by Phrase

  • Place an exact phrase in quotes

Subject Terms

  • Special indexing terms 
  • Once subject terms for a database have been identified, can change search fields from “Select a Field” to “SU Subjects” (exact wording can vary by database)