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Library update: Recent database changes

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Electrical Engineering Subject Guide

Subject Specific Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

Finding the Full Text

To find journal articles, use the library's online databases. In the databases, you can conduct keyword, author, title, or subject searching.

  1. Always use the Find It button for possible full text online. Examine any holdings statements to see if we have the volume and issue that the article appears in.
  2. If no full-text available online, then use the Find It button to connect to the library's online catalog to see if the library has the journal in print format, so you can locate the article in the library.
  3. If the library doesn't have the article online or in print, use Interlibrary Loan to get it from another library.

Searching Techniques

Boolean Connectors 

AND: narrows the search by finding records with both terms
OR: broadens the search by finding records with either term
NOT: narrows the search by finding records with 1st term but not 2nd


Using the asterisk (*) to stand in for variant endings of a search term

Subject Terms

Database indexing terms 
Once subject terms for a database have been identified, can change search fields from “Select a Field” to “SU Subjects” (exact wording can vary by database)