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Google Scholar for Academic Research


Google Scholar is a popular search tool that helps users look for scholarly articles, books, conference papers, theses/dissertations, case law, and other literature across a wide variety of disciplines and sources. If preferred, you can limit your searching to the resources provided by the MSU Libraries.

Searching on Google Scholar

Search articles and customize your results:

Advanced search options:

After clicking on the "Advanced search" tab in the left sidebar, you will see the below dialogue box. Several search tips are as follows:

  • If you have retrieved too many results, you can narrow down your search by looking for articles with your search words in the title. Check the radio button before "in the title of the article" (text highlighted in yellow).
  • If you only want to search for articles published in a specific journal, you can enter the journal name in the box next to "Return articles published in".
  • If you are interested in research from a particular author, you can type in the author's name in the box by "Return articles authored by".