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Web Resources

Analytical Sciences Digital Library
Supported by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, this digital library provides peer reviewed web-based materials pertinent to innovations in curreicular development and supporting technical resources in teh analytical sciences.

Academic Info: Chemistry Resources
A well-organized list of links to Chemistry resources including links to databases (some require subscription) and other libraries' resources.
Chemical Information Sources
This wiki open textbooks contains a list of links to chemistry data sources.
ChemSpy offers access to databases, current news, tutorials and portals on chemistry topics. Some services are fee-based. provides a searchable database of abstracts in chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology (CEABA).
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
This site focuses specifically on resources for those studying synthetic organic chemistry.
Organic Chemistry Portal - Osiris Property Explorer
This tool allows chemistry researchers to draw chemical structures and predict the following properties of various substances: "toxicity risk assessment, cLogP, solubility, molecular weight, fragment-based drug-likeness, and overall drug-likeness." The site also contains an online tutorial that explains the prediction results.
Organic Chemistry Portal - Name Reactions
This resource contains "information on the most important name reactions and keywords for the field of organic synthesis." Users can browse the alphabetical list of reactions to find relevant entries. Each entry contains a description of the reaction, links to recent literature, and cross-reference links to related reactions.
This site allows users to search for chemistry conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs from around the world. Users can search for these events by keyword, date, continent, and subject category.