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Tests and Measurements

This guide provides an introduction to some of the resources available for research into various types of tests and measurement tools.

Subject Headings in the Online Catalog

These are a few of the broad (Library of Congress) subject headings you can use to locate books in the Online Catalog:

  • Psychological Tests
  • Educational Tests and Measurements
  • Psychometrics
  • Personality Tests
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • [Specific Test Name]

The following Library of Congress call numbers cover the area of psychological or educational testing and measurement. 

  • BF39 - BF 39.2  (Psychometrics)
  • BF176 - BF 176.5  (Psychological Tests)
  • LB1762  (Teaching Exams)
  • LB3051 - LB3060  (Educational Tests and Measurements)
  • RA408.5  (Health Surveys)