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Library update: Recent database changes

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Library Weeding Project

After feedback on the initial list, a decision was made to change the process of deaccessioning. This list should be clearer and easier to review. However, the items on this list will be deaccessioned unless there is a reason given to retain them.

One note: many items in the collection have labels that have severely faded, in some cases to be entirely illegible, in other cases simply difficult to read. We are willing to re-label any item that should remain in the collection. However, if I thought that a title might no longer be useful, I have included it on this list with the reason "Label".

If you have any questions or comments on any of these titles, please contact Preston Salisbury at or 662-325-4618. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Weeding file - available until May 3, 2024

Damaged Materials List

In the course of evaluating collections or normal circulation of items, we find items that are damaged and need to be removed from the collection. There are three main reasons for this: binding that is broken, pages that are falling out/have already fallen out, and water damage.

The file below contains a list of items that have been removed because of damage. It will be periodically updated so that it is possible to look back at items that have been removed. In the event of an item that has a high amount of use and/or recent use being damaged, the Collection Maintenance Librarian submits a request to consider re-acquiring the title. If you wish to request re-acquiring any of the titles on the list of damaged items, please fill out the form here. Thank you!

Damaged and Withdrawn TItles