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ORCID: How to Connect With Digital Measures / Watermark

You can use your ORCID iD to populate your Watermark Faculty Success (formerly known as Digital Measures) record - this guide will help!


Mississippi State University is an institutional member of ORCID, allowing us to offer connections and integrations to help simplify some workflows.

Among these workflows: populating your Watermark Faculty Success (formerly known as Digital Measures) profile. With a periodic import, you can keep your publication list in DM in sync with your ORCID profile!

ORCID logo

Step 1: Log in to Digital Measures

Log in to myState at

Upon logging in, you should see a sidebar to the left. In the Apps & Services section, select the "Digital Measures" option.

A "Sign In" button will appear near the top of the page - click that.

Screenshot of myState sidebar with Digital Measures highlighted

Step 2: Connect ORCID and import publications

You should be automatically taken to the "Activities" page. From here you can connect your ORCID account and import publications.

Note: You can currently only import publications - no presentations, awards, or other types of information.

Watermark provides a guide for the next steps:

Step 3: Periodically repeat import

Make sure to regularly check and update your ORCID record. Once or twice a year, log into Digital Measures and repeat the above steps to import the newest publications from your ORCID record.

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