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Evaluating Resources: Print & Electronic

Learn how to evaluate a resource for your research.

Website Evaluation

When evaluating online resources, it's hard to let go of our own biases. However, often Fake News can be used as a tool to keep those biases in check. Learning to look deeper using tools presented in this research guide is the first step. You don't have to agree with everything that you read, but sometimes making the best case you can for a perspective or argument that conflicts with your own beliefs and perceptions will help you make your own arguments better.

image Chainsawsuit comic by Kris Straub, from Sept. 16, 2014Chainsawsuit comic by Kris Straub, from Sept. 16, 2014

Image Evaluation

Often photographs are recycled and/or doctored to fuel interest and provide visual "proof" for fake news. Knowing how to do a reverse image search can help you identify most photographs like this.

Checklist/Worksheet Tools

These checklists and worksheets were developed by librarians and information compaines to provide students and researchers tools to successfully evaluate news and other online resources. Choose which tool works best for you and your research.