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Systematic Reviews

This guide provides tips and strategies for conducting a systematic literature review.


For getting rid of duplicates, the "use of reference management software is recommended." (Cochrane Handbook, version 6.3, section 4.4)

Screening and Coding Software

Once you have removed duplicates using citation management software, you can upload the records into systematic review software that will allow you to screen each publication for inclusion or exclusion and also to code the publications.

While Covidence and Rayyan have a de-duplication option, it is best to bring in a de-duped set of references from citation management software.

For a comparison of the Covidence and Rayyan, see:

Kellermeyer, L., Harnke, B., & Knight, S. (2018). Covidence and Rayyan. Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA106(4), 580–583.

Deduplicating in Mendeley

When the following video was recorded, Mendeley did not have a feature to automatically detect duplicates. It has just recently added this feature, though it will not find all of them. This tutorial will be updated soon. 

Deduplicating in Zotero