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MaxxSouth Digital Media Center

The CAVS Mixed Reality Lab

The CAVS (Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems) Mixed Reality Lab located in the Mitchell Memorial Library's Digital Media Center offers patrons an opportunity to learn, play, create and explore in a trendsetting new way.

Funded by a generous donation from CAVS, the mixed reality includes two HTC Vives, three Oculus Rifts and two Hololenses. The Vive and Oculus Rift are virtual reality devices that will completely immerse a person in virtual worlds they access through various software programs. The Hololens is an augmented reality device, meaning a person will see their actual environment combined with virtual aspects created by the software program they use.

In addition to the seven devices, the lab also offers two computer workstations with software programs designed to let patrons create their own virtual reality programs.

The lab is open to individuals and can also be used by professors to enhance their teaching.