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This guide provides on overview of how to use Mendeley to create a personal database of references that can be inserted into documents created with Word.

Always keep in mind ...

Mendeley is designed to get references from many different research databases, but it doesn't work with all of them equally well. Especially before inserting a reference from Mendeley into a Word document, you should check the publication information in the Mendeley record against what is given in the PDF of the publication.

Installing the Cite-O-Matic plugin

To use Mendeley references when typing Word, you will need to install the Cite-O-Matic plugin.

Installing the Word plugin


You can now go to Word and click on the References tab. Be sure to use the Cite-O-Matic functions in that tab and not Word's Citations & Bibliography.

Note: If you have a Word plugin installed for other reference management software programs such as EndNote or Zotero, you should disable those plugins before using Mendley Cite-O-Matic. 

Creating References

While typing a document in Word, open up Mendeley Desktop, and you will be able to use the Word plugin (Cite-O-Matic) to bring in references from Mendeley.

Word Plugin for Mendeley

Click on Insert Citation to search Mendeley references by author or keywords in the title, abstract, etc.

When you want to add a reference list at the end of your paper, you can do so by clicking on Insert Bibliography. You can continue to add refences to the body of your paper, and the reference list will update automatically.

Once you entered references, you can select from one of over a thousand citation styles.

If you see an error in a citation, go back into Mendeley to correct it. Then in Word, click on Refresh.

The Export As function lets you save the Word file without the behind the scene Mendeley codes.