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Demographic and Psychographic Data Research Guide

Demographic and Psychographic Data Research Guide

Welcome to the Demographic and Psychographic Data Library Guide!

This guide was designed to provide a basis for starting your research. Use the tabs across the top of this guide to find online and print resources for demographic and psychographic information.

The Kauffman: Foundation of Entrepreneuership defines demographic and psychographic data as the following: 

  • Demographics- Customers may be grouped by similar variables, such as age, gender, occupation, education, or income levels, geographic location, industry, number of employees, number of years in business, products or services offered, or other defined criteria. Generally, the Census Bureau, government, or industry sources provide demographic information. Studies and trends are usually reported using predetermined variables from these sources.
  • Psychographics- Customers may also be grouped by similar psychographic variables such as values, beliefs, buying patterns, perceptions, and lifestyle choices such as recycling, fitness, travel, and hobby interests. Psychographic variables provide insights into how and why customers buy. Although this information is valuable, it's harder to collect because customers' preferences change over time and this type of information often must be collected directly.

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