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HI 3903: Historiography and Historical Methods

Finding Other Primary Sources

The resources listed above do not cover every possible topic of interest, and your project may benefit from consulting primary sources that are accessible digitally online or only by visiting another library or archive.  You can search the web for other primary source content by using the keywords "archive" or "digital archive" and the keyword of your topic.  Look for sites that are sponsored by trustworthy sources, such as universities (.edu sites) and the U.S. government (.gov sites).  Also beware of sites that intentionally or unintentionally put forth misinformation or partial information.  If you have any questions about a particular source and its trustworthiness, contact Ask-A-Librarian.

Published Primary Sources: MSU Online Catalog and WorldCat

Databases of Digitized Primary Sources

Additional Sources for Digitized Primary Materials

The following links go to online digital archives and primary sources hosted by other university, private and government institutions. These resources may have certain restrictions specific to the site hosts. If you would like to suggest an archive not on this list, please leave a comment for the guide editor.