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ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

MSU is a member of ICPSR, the world's largest social science database archive. This guide provides an introduction to ICPSR and local MSU support resources.

Accessing ICPSR Data Sets

ICPSR is one of the world's largest archives of social science data.  Some data sets are open access (available to any user); others are restricted to users from member institutions.  Mississippi State University is a member of ICPSR; access is restricted to MSU faculty, staff and students.  ICPSR maintains a good FAQ concerning access issues.

To access the data sets, users need to first set up a MyData Account.  MyData accounts require a valid MSU email address (do NOT use other email addresses, such as GMAIL, to setup the account.)  This will serve as the login.  You must be on an MSU IP address (computer) to setup up your account.

MyData accounts allow you to setup your account preferences, view your download history, and setup notification alerts on downloaded data sets.  The alert will notify you when a downloaded data set has been substantially updated.

IRB and ICPSR Data Sets

It is the individual researcher's responsibility to ensure that appropriate IRB procedures have been met.  While most ICPSR data sets are directly downloadable, a select few are restricted and will be flagged with an "Access Restricted Data" button.  More information about restricted data is available on the ICPSR website.