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Animal & Dairy Sciences Research Guide

This guide features a collection of resources that will be helpful to Animal & Dairy Sciences students and researchers.

Manage Your Information Stream

RSS and email alerts bring news to you, when and where you need it.

Working in the Cloud

Use the cloud to save and share information; especially useful if you want to access your work from multiple devices

Keep Your Work Organized

Keeping a working bibliography is essential.  These products allow you to download, manage, and use citations in a custom database.

There's An App For That...

Agricultural apps have hit the market for Apple and Android smartphones.  They feature fuctions like calculators, market monitoring, feed information, body condition score, weather, convention and show information, and more.  Here are a few we've found, but you can search for more via your device's app store by searching for keywords like "dairy," "beef," "farm," and "agriculture." As always, buyer beware: check the reviews and make sure you know the full cost before downloading an app.

Animal & Dairy Science Blogs

Following blogs in your field helps you stay abreast of news, issues, and research.  Check out the "Manage Your Information Stream" box to the upper left for more information on how to get blogs into your normal workspace using RSS.


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