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Practical Professor Workshops

This guide provides information, recordings, and handouts from the Practical Professor workshops.

Practical Professor Workshops and Handouts

The Practical Professor workshop series is offered every fall and spring semester by the Graduate Student Services Department of the Mississippi State University Libraries.  Online versions of most workshops are also provided, using Blackboard Collaborate.  This page provides archived sessions using the Blackboard Collaborate system and copies of all handouts provided during the on campus workshop.  Sight and hearing impaired users who need alternative access to recordings or handouts should contact the Graduate Student Services Department.

Publishing 101: Navigating the Academic Publishing Process

This workshop provides an introduction to the academic publishing process.  Topics covered include submission strategies, managing the relationship with editors and reviewers, and publishing best practices. (Files updated January 2021.)

Using Research Metrics to Tell Your Story

How do you use research and bibliometric measures to convey the impact of your research? This session will discuss some of the common measures available and provide an overview of locally available tools. (Updated October 2017)

Power Up Your Research Productivity with Scopus!

This workshop introduces the world's largest abstracting and indexing database, Scopus.  The focus is on both learning to search the database and ways to leverage the database information to enhance your research agenda.  Strategies for using the alert service to keep abreast of published research and citations to your research is also included. (Files updated March 2018.)

Improving Your Research Productivity

Want to make the most of your research time? This workshop provides strategies that can improve the quality and quantity of your research. (Updated October 2017)

Who's Citing You: Tracking the Impact of Your Research

This workshop will offer strategies, online tools, and bibliometric measures (including altmetrics) to help you track the impact of your research. (Updated November 2017)

Before You Sign: Understanding Your Rights as an Author

What rights do you have as an author? Can you post your research online for others to read? This workshop will address common concepts and issues related to author's contracts.

Tenure 101: Understanding the Tenure and Promotion Process

This workshop provides a general overview of the promotion and tenure process.

Copyright in Academia

What's fair use for a class? What rights should you retain as an author? When is it okay to share your research on the open web?  This session will provide an overview of copyright law and its applications in higher education.