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Civil War-era Digital Collections at the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress Digital Collections contain vast holdings from the Civil War-era. This Research Guide provides links to numerous digital collections at the LOC organized by subjects.

Civil War-era Politicians

Abraham Lincoln Papers:

Alexander H. Stephens Papers:

Andrew Johnson Papers:

Blair Family Papers:

Chester Alan Arthur Papers:

E. B. Washburne Papers:

Edwin McMasters Stanton Papers, 1818 to 1921:

Frederick Douglass Papers:

Gideon Welles Papers:

Horace Greeley Papers:

Horace H. Lurton Papers:

James A. Garfield Papers:

James Buchanan and Harriet Lane Johnston Papers:

John G. Nicolay Papers:

Joseph Holt Papers:

Salmon P. Chase Papers:

Thaddeus Stevens Papers:

Ulysses S. Grant Papers: