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MSU Libraries Employees

Links and documents MSU Libraries employees need.

This guide contains links and documents once housed in Sharepoint.

LAC Staff Rep Feedback Form

The Library Administrators Council meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Use the form linked below to submit feedback and suggestions for your staff representative to bring up at the meetings. You have the option of filling out the form anonymously or adding your department and name. Please note, however, that this form should not be used for human services complaints. Those should be filed with your supervisor or the Library Dean's Council.

LAC Staff Representative Feedback Form


Shift (timeclock)

(If you need to review the student applications that have been submitted online, see the Employee section below.)


Access your account in all Springshare products with one email and password. Login

LibAnswers / LibChat



LibStaffer is an employee management tool. With it you can manage your student assistants' schedules and let them request time off and shift swaps, send announcements and emails to everyone, and keep track of who's working when. If you want to try it out, contact Julie to request access.




Scholars Junction


Student Assistants

We added the link to the student application to the Jobs website located at (It is also in the footer of the Library website).

Library employees can review the application by going to the LibWizard tool. See steps below.

  1. If you haven't already, request access to LibWizard and the job application form from Digital Initiatives and Web Services
  2. Go to Library Employees page
  3. Go to LizWizard login
  4. Go to FORMS
  5. Look for the Application for Student employment and click on the number that is in the #Submissions column.  This will bring up a list of applicants. 
  6. Click on the EYE BALL icon to see the information about the student.  From here you can print the application.  You can also use the export feature to download multiple.

When you hire a student, go back into LibWizard and mark the student as hired by clicking on the icon next to the EYE BALL and editing the top 3 fields highlighted in tan.

We added a sign outside of the Dean’s office with the information about the online form. If you receive questions form students direct them to the Jobs page listed above.

Let us know if you have questions.

Hiring and Onboarding




Other Links