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MAGNOLIA Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that will help your students learn to use MAGNOLIA databases.

About This Plan

Educator's Name Kay Strickland
School East and West Corinth Elementary School
District Corinth School District
Grade Levels 2
Subject Physical Education
Unit/Theme Throw Away
Competency Number 2: Demonstrate developmentally-appropriate manipulative skills.
Objectives Throw a ball demonstrating a correct overhand technique.
Instructional Format Teacher will demonstrate a correct overhand technique. Teacher will explain and organize activity to practice the skill. Teacher will question students to make sure they understand the activity.
Prior Preparation

Materials Needed

3 softball size foam balls
25-50 paper wads
A child-size basketball hoop that can be lowered to alternating heights

Duration of Activity 30 minutes
Formal Assessment



Students are divided into two teams. One team is placed on one end of the basketball court, and the other team is placed on the other end. Cones are placed in the middle of the basketball court to divide the teams. The foam balls are placed on the half court line of the court between the cones. Place the paper wads on each side of the court. Teacher will signal the start of the game. The object of the game is to knock the foam balls on the other team's end of the court using the paper wads. The game is timed by the teacher. At the end of the allotted time, the game is stopped and points will be counted. Foam balls count 10 points each and paper wads count 1 point each. The team with the least amount of points wins the game. 

Explore Activity

Teacher goes to MAGNOLIA and clicks on to "SIRS Discoverer." Teacher clicks on to "Sports" and then to "Basketball." Teacher clicks on article "March Muscle Madness 2003." Teacher may then replicate "Rim Jumps - Vertical Leap" lesson. Students must stand directly below a basketball hoop, feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Students must jump as high as they can, touching the rim of the net, or reaching as close as possible with one hand. Students must alternate hands with each jump. Teacher must monitor their hand, verbally reminding them as they touch the rim of the net. Students must do 3 sets of 10, adding a few jumps the second time around.