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MAGNOLIA Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that will help your students learn to use MAGNOLIA databases.

About This Plan

Educator's Name Kay Strickland
School East and West Corinth Elementary School
District Corinth School District
Grade Levels 2
Subject Physical Education
Unit/Theme Catch Me If You Can
Competency Number 1: Demonstrate a developmentally appropriate form in gross motor movements.
Objectives 1.1: Demonstrate an ability to skip, using mature motor pattern.
Instructional Format Teacher will demonstrate skipping. Teacher will organize activity to practice skipping. Teacher will ask questions to make sure that the students understand the rules of the activity.
Prior Preparation

Materials Needed

Foam ball
Open space
5 water balloons

Duration of Activity 30 minutes
Formal Assessment



The game is just like the game of chase, except every student will skip instead of run. One student is designated as "it." The student that is "it" tries to tag the other students with the foam ball. Once tagged, the student is out of the game until a new game begins. Each student has to skip instead of run to play the game.

Explore Activity

Teacher goes to MAGNOLIA and scrolls down to "Other Sites." Teacher goes to "Mega Resources School Librarian Workshops." Once there, teacher clicks on to "Electronic Resources for School Libraries."Teacher then goes to "Internet Resources for Educators." Teacher clicks to "Education World" and then to "Field Day Activity Ideas." Teacher finds "Resources for Fitness Month - More Field Day Lessons." Teacher goes to "Intermediate Field Day Activities" and uses parts of "Water Balloon Chase." Students must divide into two teams.One member of each team simultaneously skips with a water balloon. Each team member skips to the next teammate in line until all students have a turn skipping with the water balloon. The team that finishes first without dropping or popping the balloon or running wins.