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MAGNOLIA Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that will help your students learn to use MAGNOLIA databases.

About This Plan

Educator's Name Kay Strickland
School East and West Corinth Elementary School
District Corinth School District
Grade Levels 1
Subject Mathematics; Physical Education
Unit/Theme Hop Till You Drop
Competency Number  
Objectives Demonstrate motor skills in a developmentally-appropriate form.
(PE) The student will be able to demonstrate the motor skill of hopping.
(Math) The student will explore and explain patterns of subtraction, without the use of a calculator.
Instructional Format The teacher will explain and organize the activity. After explaining the activity to the students, the teacher will ask questions to find out if the students understand how the activity is to be played.
Prior Preparation

Teacher must have open space to hold entire math class. Teacher must also sign on students to MAGNOLIA before explore activity begins.

Materials Needed

Large, subtraction flash cards
Open space
MAGNOLIA Internet access for every student

Duration of Activity 1-2 hours
Formal Assessment



This activity uses subtraction and hopping skills. Students are divided into pairs, taking into account the learning level of each student, placing advanced students with novice students. Each pair is put on the end line of the gym. Using flashcards, show one team a flashcard with a subtraction problem on it. The team has to answer the question correctly to be able to advance toward the other end line of the gym. A spinner is used with numbers 1-6 on it. When a team gets an answer right, they get to spin to see how many times they get to hop toward the other end line of the gym. The team that gets to the other end of the gym first wins the game. Game can also be played using addition problems and other motor skills.

Explore Activity

Teacher goes to each computer and clicks on to MAGNOLIA databases. Teacher clicks on to SIRS Discover on the Web. Keyword search: "subtraction." Teacher scrolls down to Saxon Publishers and clicks on to "add/subtract." URL is: Teacher must type in student's name and their name, along with the date. Provide each student with specific directions on how to work the colorful subtraction puzzle. Let each student work up to 20 problems. When students are finished in the appropriate allowed time, students must print out "Get Report Card." Teacher can use these grades as a pre-test review.