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EN 3414 Critical Writing and Research for Literary Studies

This guide serves as the "syllabus" for the library component of the English 3414 course.

Fall 2020 Library Session Class

Week 1: Jan 12

Introduction to class

Searching the Online Catalog

Find, cite - W.W. Norton & Co. publishes many authoritative books on different subjects.  You will use many of them in your literature studies.  Find a Norton Anthology in the Mississippi State University collection on a literature topic you are interested in.  Use the catalog record to create a correct citation.  Remember to include a screenshot.

  • Label doc: “Lastname_Norton”

Week 2: Jan 19

MLA Formatting in Microsoft Word Video

  • Be sure to watch the entire video & post to the discussion board 3 things you learned.
  • Formatting tips, tricks, and shortcuts in Word
  • Download Microsoft Office for free as a student

Find, pic, cite – You have learned about the information cycle today.  Book reviews are one of the first publications, before scholarly articles, to come out providing an opinion on the author & their work.  Find a book review on Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia from a newspaper.  Remember to include a screenshot.

  • Label doc “Lastname_EN3414 Book Review”

Week 3: Jan 26

Information Cycle, Identifying Scholarly Resources, and Evaluating Internet Resources

  • Look at the discussion post & pick 3 resources to evaluate.  Use the questions provided to evaluate the resource.  Post your results in the discussion.

Find, pic, cite – The Harvard Geoffrey Chaucer Website, dedicated to Chaucer’s life and The Canterbury Tales, is a great primary resource through the WWW.  Find the section on Courtly Love and Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages by Larry D Benson.  Provide a correct citation & screenshot.

  • Label doc “Lastname_Chaucer.”

Week 4: Feb 2

Plagiarism and MLA 8th Ed. Citations

First draft of Works Cited Assignment due Feb. 9 at the beginning of class. Directions for assignment on Research Guide for class, under the “assignments” tab

  • Find help with citations from:
    • OWL Purdue: MLA Formatting Guide
    • Image Use & Citation - MLA 8th Ed. Research Guide
    • MLA Manual 8th Ed. Manual
    • MLA 8th Ed. Research Guide
    • MLA Style Center
  • Label doc: “Lastname_EN3414 Works Cited draft”

Week 5: Feb 9

MLA Works Cited Peer Review.  Sign up with a partner.

We will peer review each other’s Works Cited, using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.  Based on the peer review of your Works Cited, you will have until next class period to fix/ correct your Works Cited list.

If you do not come to class, you forfeit the right to change the Works Cited you turned in at the beginning of class.

Submit your peer-review along with your corrected MLA Works Cited list!

  • Label doc: “Lastname_Re-do Works Cited

Week 6: Feb 16

Searching Strategies and the MLA International Bibliography database

  • Be sure to download the directions from the discussion post & complete the directions.  Once you have completed the directions, post your answers on the discussion board.
  • You will also need to fill out the pre-instruction survey for Special Collections before next class.

Find, pic/ scan, cite - The Paris Review publishes interviews with authors.  Often this publication is where you will look for living, writing authors.  Find an interview with an author you are interested in.  You can use the online e-journal portal to find full text.  Remember to include a screenshot.

Label doc: “Lastname_Paris Review”

Week 7: Feb 23

Introduction to Digital Humanities Project

It is important to attend this day and March 2.  These sessions will prepare you for your Digital Humanities Project and Research & Recovery Assignment. 

  • Guests from Special Collections:  Carrie Mastley

Find, pic/scan, cite – Ms. Mastley showed you how to find books in Special Collections through the Online Catalog.  Find a book in Special Collections and use the Online record to create a citation for the book.

Week 8: March 2

Document Analysis with Carrie Mastley.  You will learn how to relate items available in Special Collections/ Archives/ Digital Libraries to the texts you are reading.

  • Document Analysis – complete a 2nd document analysis on your own.  Be sure to include a correct citation for the object.

Week 9: March 9

Research & Recovery Assignment – due by the beginning of class on March 16

Use research skills you have learned in the library sessions

  • For more instructions, visit the ‘Assignments’ tab on the class research guide
  • Label doc: “Lastname_Research and Recovery”

Week 10: March 16

Review day!  Ask me anything you need help with!

This will serve a day to review things covered in the class so far. 

If you have not started to think about your DH Project, now is the time to start!  You will sign up in groups for the project & learn to use Wix.  You will also need to sign up for a consultation with Special Collections to help with your assignment.  Do not forget to email to make an appointment.

Week 11: March 23

In class work on DH Project.  Take advantage of this time to work on your project & ask me questions you may have about the assignment.

Week 12: March 30

In class work on DH Project.  Take advantage of this time to work on your project & ask me questions you may have about the assignment.

Week 13: April 6

In class work on DH Project.  Take advantage of this time to work on your project & ask me questions you may have about the assignment.

Week 14: April 13 - last day of Library Session

DH Project & DH peer review form due Tuesday, April 13 at beginning of class.  Post the link for your groups DH Project to Canvas in the DH Project discussion post & comment on 2 other projects in 100 words.  You will need to do this by Tuesday, April 20.