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EN 3414 Critical Writing and Research for Literary Studies

This guide serves as the "syllabus" for the library component of the English 3414 course.


Find, pic/scan, cite -

Every week you will need to find the assigned resource.  Once you have found the resource take a picture or scan the pages you will need for the citation.  Unless otherwise noted, answers must come from a print resource.  Then create a correct MLA 8th Ed. citation.  Last, email the pic/ scan to me with the citation.  Be sure to label your email correctly & send as a Microsoft Word document, any other format will not be graded.  (see schedule or syllabus for instructions).

Weekly Citation Example

MLA Citation “Works Cited” Assignment:

  1. Go to the “Class Schedule, Slides, and Links - “Assignments” tab at Review the “Page Scans.” There are 10 examples of sources, including artwork and title pages with publication information.  
  2.  Be sure to scroll up & down for each source to view all information needed for citation. Not all sources tell you what type of citation you need.
  3. Determine what information you need for a citation. This will include author/creator, title of work, (book, database, website, or images) and more. 
  4. Not every space needs to be filled, i.e., if there is not a volume or issue number, that’s fine.
  5. Create an MLA 8th Edition citation for each resource based on the information provided.
  6. Need Help - you can find help a couple of different ways.

Arrange these into a properly-formatted Works Cited page. Assignment is due on Tuesday, Feb 9 and is worth 12 points (10 pts correct citations+ 1pt for alphabetical order+ 1pt hanging indent = 12pts).  Submit your work through Canvas.

label doc: Lastname_works cited

Works Cited Page Scans

Peer Review edits - If you attended the review day, you need to submit your edits by the beginning of class on 23 Sept. by the beginning of class.  Your re-submitted work will replace the grade you received on 16 Sept.


Library Research & Recovery

General Guidelines: The aim of this assignment is to familiarize you with some of the resources available in the library, and, by extension, to help you identify the kinds of materials you will encounter as an English major. In doing so, you should feel free to consult with librarians. However, you are not to ask them to do the work for you. In other words, you need to do the preliminary legwork before approaching the library staff. This means you will need to tell the librarians where you have already searched & what you have found so far.  All resources may be found using library resources, either through the online catalog & databases or by serendipitous browsing.  Only one question requires the use of the Internet, therefore it is the only time you may cite a resource from the Internet. 

You will need to take a picture or scan the resource to show where you have found the answer.  For an example, look at the page scans for your citation assignments. 

Remember when visiting Special Collections:

  • Do not use a flash for items in Special Collections. 
  • Only visit in groups of 2 or 3 – no more
  • Email the librarians to make an appointment for the item you want to view

If you pull a book from the shelf to answer one of the questions below be sure to place on the re-shelving carts when you are done.  Please do not check them out as others in the class may be looking for the same resource.

Due Date: Beginning of class on Tuesday, March 16. Submit your finished assignment through canvas.

Formatting: You will submit your answers, citations & pics/ scans in a MS Word document (no PDF’s or Google Docs).  Submit one file including answers, Works Cited, & pics/ scans of the items.  If you do not submit pictures, the assignment will not be graded, and your will receive a zero for the assignment.  You can see an example of what your assignment should look like, on the 'Assignments' tab on the research guide for the class

  • Answer the questions, then provide a Works Cited list.
    • Since the document will be at least 2 pages, you will need to format using correct MLA 8th ed. Style (use double-space, headers, page numbers, etc. & no using the tab key for hanging indent). 

***Remember you have the class research guide, citation guides, MLA Style Center Online, etc. to help you format***

R&R is worth 22 pts + 2 bonus pts = 24 pts possible (10pts for correct answers + 10 pts correct citations + alphabetical order + hanging indent = 22)

Student Research & Recovery Example