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Scholarly Communication Initiative

The MSU Libraries' Scholarly Communication Initiative rolled out in 2015 to support Open Access, Author Rights, Open Education Resources, Copyright, Data Management, and digital preservation with an Institutional Repository.


Committee Education

The committee started with the LEADIRS Workbook written by Mary R. Barton and Margaret M. Waters of the MIT Libraries. The Workbook provided the commiittee a guide to stepping through the process of building an institutional repository. At this point the workbook is a bit dated, but provides a basic framework for decisions that need to be made during the implementation process. The LEADIRS Workbook can be downloaded from the DSpace@MIT repository,

DSpace Course helped guide the committee to learning more about the platform that was chosen to host the MSU IR, DSpace.

Another useful resource is the OpenDOAR directory. This list provides a weath of information about other repositories from around the world.


Educating Others

To teach the library faculty and staff about the IR, the committee started with the basics:

  • Mission statement
    • Shared the IR mission statement.
  • What is an IR?
    • Explained what an IR is and the compents that make up an IR.
  • Why an IR at MSU?
    • Listed the reasons why an IR is needed at MSU.
  • DSpace overview
    • Showed some of the DSpace features and explained the architecture.
  • Content and file types
    • Listed the types of content and files the IR will host.
  • Timeline
    • Provided a timeline of the IR launch and plans for the future.

Committee Charge

The Committee will develop the plan of action and the appropriate timeline for the implementation of the Institutional Repository. The Committee will develop the definition of the IR (scope), the appropriate policies, procedures, best practices, and marketing materials needed for a successful launch of the IR

Committee Members (FY16/17)

  • Julie Shedd, Chair
  • Jim Chow
  • Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara
  • Paul Huddleston
  • James Kalwara
  • Randall McMillen
  • James Nail
  • Hillary Richardson
  • Bob Wolverton