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Scholarly Communication Initiative

The MSU Libraries' Scholarly Communication Initiative rolled out in 2015 to support Open Access, Author Rights, Open Education Resources, Copyright, Data Management, and digital preservation with an Institutional Repository.

Existing Services


The Data Management Services Committee recently created a suite of webpages offering information on data management and the library’s services. These instructional and informational materials serve, in part, as support for workshops the committee has developed and teach on various aspects of data management for researchers.


The MSU Libraries provide direct support and referral services for data management at all stages of research for students, faculty and staff. This is an individualized, one-on-one consultation to discuss potential solutions for data management planning, preservation, access, or assistance with the DMPTool.

Consultations can be requested by completing the form on the webpage. A librarian will contact the requester to set up an appointment.


The Data Management Services Committee teaches instruction sessions for researchers and classes. These workshops are often attended by university faculty and their research assistants because they incorporate data management solutions and research methods. These sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience and will often result in one-on-one consultation sessions with workshop attendees.


The following university-wide workshops are offered every semester, as well as on-demand:

Data Management: The Basics

This workshop discusses the brief history of why data management plans are being required by grant funders as well as an overview of services provided by the library. It covers the data management lifecycle, touching on everything from data management plans to the Institutional Repository.

Data Management Plans and the DMPTool

Many grant funding agencies and foundations now require a data management plan (DMP) as part of the application. This workshop provides an overview of DMPs and show how the DMPTool can guide researchers through the process of creating one.

Personal Data Management

This workshop explores best practices for managing personal, professional, and academic data. This includes such personal information items as documents, media files, and webpages. Attendees learn methods for organization, maintenance, retrieval and use of the personal data you create every day.

Managing Your Research Data in the Cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive and Beyond

In this workshop, we review available options to store and share research data and documents as you work. We discuss the pros and cons of each cloud-based data storage and sharing tool, as well as their benefits and challenges.

Responsible Conduct of Research- Developing Data Management plans and Individual Development Plans

This was an invited seminar by the Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) in March 2015. The committee worked with ORED and the library’s Library Administrative Council (LAC) to determine the content of this seminar and work out the logistics. We developed the session to first describe the background of data management and data management plans. The second part is a demonstration of the DMPTool. The committee was invited to repeat the seminar in October 2015. Future sessions will include additional information about the Institutional Repository.

Committee Charge

The Data Management Services Committee will develop a plan of action to provide data management services for faculty and researchers at Mississippi State University. The plan will include the development of resources similar to that of the University of Minnesota’s Manage Your Data. The plan will include potential solutions for data management planning, preservation and access. The Committee will assist in the implementation of the DMPTool ( using it and the resources it provides in the marketing of the data management services. The Data Management Services Committee will align themselves with the goals and objectives of the federal mandate of providing open access to federally funded research. The services will also be developed in response to other related national initiatives (i.e. SHARE being developed by ARL, AAU, APLU; CHORUS).

Committee Members (FY16/17)

  • Melody Dale, Chair
  • Brad Brazzeal
  • Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara
  • Christine Fletcher
  • Paul Huddleston
  • James Kalwara
  • Sheeji Kathuria
  • Deborah Lee
  • Julie Shedd
  • Li Zhang