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Scholarly Communication Initiative

The MSU Libraries' Scholarly Communication Initiative rolled out in 2015 to support Open Access, Author Rights, Open Education Resources, Copyright, Data Management, and digital preservation with an Institutional Repository.


Educating the Committee

Each committee member was selected because of their position in the library and knowledge of a specific area of copyright.  We began by sharing that knowledge with each other and then reading over sections of the law that dealt with the questions we were getting. 

  • met with Kevin Smith, Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communication at Duke University
  • read basics of Copyright law - what it is, what it covers, and what it doesn't cover
  • read specific parts of the Copyright law such as:
    • Section 106: Exclusive Rights in Copyrighted Works
    • Section 107: Limitations on Exclusive Rights, Fair Use
    • Section 108: Limitations on Exclusive Rights, Reproduction by Libraries and Archives
    • Section 110: Limitations on Exclusive Rights, Exemption of certain performances and displays

The committee also educated themselves on these guidelines.

  • National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (CONTU) guidelines
  • Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) guidelines

ASERL Mini-Grant

Expected Outcome of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) mini-grant is a better informed librarian who understands and promotes the copyright and fair use policies and principles at MSU and beyond.

Goals for the ASERL mini-grant

  •        To improve MSU’s current online Copyright and Fair Use information presence
  •        To publicize the American Library Association’s Fair Use Tools
  •        To create a Fair Use checklist for our librarians and librarian communities
  •        To create an online tutorial
  •        To put all materials through rigorous reviews from the Library Administrative Council and an external expert review panel
  •        To share these resources across Mississippi and with ASERL-affiliated libraries

Sent out invitations to participants for an external expert review panel.

Had 3 sub-committees that worked on different parts of the mini-grant:

  • Resource Sharing checklist for Interlibrary Loan librarians
  • Updating the current Copyright and Fair Use LibGuide as well as developing content for new website
  • Creating and designing all brochures and handouts that are developed


One hour presentation for Faculty and Professional Staff on April 2, 2015

Bootcamp for Faculty and Professional Staff on June 16, 2015 (scenarios)

Presentation to Support Staff

Committee Charge

The Copyright Committee will develop a plan to increase awareness of copyright laws and implications they have on education and research at Mississippi State University; develop workshops, tutorials, handouts and presentations that provides information and resources to MSU faculty, staff, and students; and develop a Copyright Center website that promotes and provides access to copyright information.  The Committee will also be responsbile for developing the resources in conjuction with the ASERL Mini-Grant "Applying Fair Use Principles within Resource Sharing Contexts."

Committee Members (FY16/17)

  • Summer Mord, chair
  • Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara
  • James Nail
  • Melanie Thomas