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Award-winning Book Lists

This guide contains lists of some of the children and young adult books that MSU Libraries has in its collection.

About the award

"The Giverny Award is an annual children's science picture book award established in 1998 by Dr. Jim Wandersee and Dr. Elisabeth E. Schussler who was at that time affiliated with the 15º Laboratory at Louisiana State University. The name of the Giverny Award alludes to the renowned French village that provides the site, setting, and inspiration for the famous impressionist paintings that are synonymous with what we call 'visual capture and explanation of the floral esthetic experience.'"

Giverny Award Books Housed in the MSU Libraries

This page only contains the ten most recent award winners. Want to see more Giverny Award-winning books--winning books at MSU? Click here to see what else we have in our catalog.