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Undergraduate Student Book Collecting Contest

The purpose of this contest is to encourage undergraduates to begin a book collection or add to an already existing collection.



Each entry must include the following:

The application, annotated bibliography, essay, wish list, and photographs should be combined into a single document, preferably in Microsoft Word or PDF.

Each collection must represent a well-defined, cohesive field of interest.  The collection can be academic or general in scope.  Examples of collection ideas might include, but not limited to some of the following:


Judges will be looking for originality, creativity, innovation and uniqueness in each collection. The collections will be judged anonymously.  Three judges will select the three finalists using the following criteria:


Each of the three finalists is expected to deliver and set up a display of their collection in the Mitchell Memorial Library.  Finalists must participate in the interview and collection display competition.  (Date and times will be announced.)  During this time, judges will circulate among the displays to discuss the collections with the entrants.  Tables and display space will be provided by the Library.

Finalists will be required to sign a release form allowing The Mississippi State University Libraries and Special Collections to retain a copy of the winning essays and bibliographies in the University Archives and to post these documents on the Library’s website.